The company



NNARI was founded in February 2020 in Athens (Greece) by Nasia Nari and offers luxury creations of her own design. At the core of them stand the bags, accompanied by pieces of jewelry as well as by small leather goods and other accessories.

Apart from the e-shop, there has been created an actuall place (6 Artemidos str, Athens/Galatsi) of ambiguous character, that operates both as a workshop and as a store.

our philosophy

In NNARI we believe in the dynamics of “crafting”, when combined with high aesthetics and professionalism. That’s why we approach fashion as Art and Technique.

Through simple and structured forms we want our bags, as all our creations, to have “character” and embellish unpretentiously the daily presence of their “carrier”.

We pursue every single piece of our creations to be characterized as high-end. That’s why we insist on quality as a criterion both for choosing the raw materials and for the final result of every construction.

We use leathers and fabrics from Italy and hardware from European retailers. All our creations are made in Greece by craftsmen of excellent technical expertise and long experience.