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Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions automatically means acceptance of the terms set forth on the Privacy Policy page as described HERE.

Sale / Purchase Agreement
The following terms govern the sales contract between you («customer») and our company («seller»).

In case you do not agree with the following terms, as well as with the privacy policy of our company, you MUST NOT proceed with the use of the online store and buy products.

If you use the online store and accept these terms, you declare that you are an adult and have the legal capacity to take legal action.

1. Seller ID: The seller of the products you order and buy from this website is the company with the following information:

VAT number: 047676918
Αριθμός ΓΕΜΗ: 154186202000

2. Sales contract conclusion/ Checkout:
After selecting the product (s) you wish to purchase, the method of payment and if you wish the order to be completed, proceed to the ‘click’ of the order “COMPLETION OF ORDER WITH PAYMENT OBLIGATION”. By clicking on this order, you send to our company a proposal to conclude a sales contract.
The completion of the order by ‘pressing’ the above order, implies the financial commitment of the customer and the obligation to pay.
After the completion of the order, our company processes and checks availability in order to accept or not your proposal. The acceptance statement from our company is sent to you by e-mail with the subject “Confirmation / Acceptance of order” to the email address you have filled in during the order submission process.

After the confirmation of the order, the product (s) are sent to the “customer” depending on the delivery method offered by our company, the payment method you have chosen and within the time limits specified below (see order delivery). Not available: If the product (s) is not available, our company will not accept the offer and will notify you of an email.

3. Pricing policy / Financial burden of the customer
In each of the products available for sale in our online store there is the corresponding sale price.
Before the customer completes and sends his order, he is informed about the net value, VAT, the total price of the goods, including VAT. and any other charges, any additional shipping, delivery or postage charges (if applicable) and any other charges.
The online store is technically designed so that before completing the order, the detailed description of the goods to be purchased (characteristics, type, color, size, etc.), their quantity, price are clearly presented to customers. of each of them, as well as the total price as well as each individual financial burden.
If the customer does not agree with the total amount and the individual or additional financial charges, then he should NOT proceed with the completion of the order.
If the customer ‘presses’ the option “COMPLETION OF ORDER WITH PAYMENT OBLIGATION”, he declares that he accepts the prices of the products, as well as the total purchase amount of the goods resulting from the inclusion of other financial charges (shipping costs), , which he considers reasonable and responsive to the products he orders.
After completing the order, send to the customer’s e-mail address, a message which includes a detailed description of the order and the total amount of charge broken down into individual charges.
If you have designated a country outside the European Union as a place of delivery, there may be an additional charge for customs purposes. It is your sole responsibility to check the amount of charges that may be incurred at the customs office of the place of delivery. Payment of these customs fees is required in order to receive your product.
Η εταιρεία έχει το δικαίωμα να μεταβάλει τις τιμές των προϊόντων κατά τη διακριτική της ευχέρεια οποτεδήποτε. Τυχόν μεταβολή στις τιμές των προϊόντων δεν ισχύει για ήδη υποβληθείσες παραγγελίες. Επίσης, χωρίς χρονικό ή άλλο περιορισμό η εταιρεία μπορεί να θέτει προσφορές προϊόντων και να προβαίνει σε εκπτώσεις.

4. Means of Payment
During the process of submitting and completing the order, you will be asked to choose the payment method.
Payment for the purchase of products is made in Euros.
You (the customer) bear all costs, expenses and charges for currency conversion.
The prices also include the current VAT (which currently amounts to 24%).
The possibility of payment in installments is not provided by our store.
Any charges from banking institutions for the execution of transactions are borne exclusively by the customer-buyer.
You can choose one of the following payment methods:

4.2) Bank deposit: You can deposit the price of your order in one of the following accounts of our company:

Piraeus Bank:

IBAN: GR09 0171 0340 0060 3414 7797 838
The deposit can be made either electronically through the respective websites of the banks with which our company cooperates (ebanking) or deposit in the local branches of the banks.

In order to process the order and prepare it for shipment, you must first send send by e-mail to info@nnari.gr the receipt of the deposit in one of the above bank accounts and on the other hand show its credit market price in our company account.
If you choose bank transfer as your payment method, your order remains valid for a period of four working days from the moment you submit it. If you have not made the bank deposit within the four working days, your order will be canceled.

5) Products delivery – Delivery costs – Shipment tracking
Our company processes the orders submitted by you Monday – Friday at 10.00 am. -18.00pm ..
If an order is submitted on non-working days and / or hours outside the pre-determined above hours, then its processing starts on the next working day.
The delivery of the products is done through a courier company with which our company cooperates. The customer does not have the option of choosing another method of delivery or another courier company, from the ones defined below.
For deliveries abroad we collaborate with DHL.

Shipping costs:

Greece: The shipping cost is 4.05 € up to 1 kg + for every additional 0.5 kg there is a charge + 1.14 € / 0.5kg.

Europe: The shipping cost is 12.88 € up to 1 kg + for every additional 0.5 kg there is a charge + 1.73 € / 0.5kg.

Delivery delays:
Our company is not responsible for delays in the delivery of products that are not due to its own fault, but to third parties natural or legal persons or to reasons of force majeure.
Indicatively, delivery delays can occur due to force majeure, ie emergencies that affect the delivery time of products (eg strikes, adverse weather conditions, transport or telecommunications, problems, etc.) but also for reasons related to desire or fault of the customer (eg statement of incorrect shipping address). For the above cases, our company does not bear any responsibility towards the consumer / user of the website / buyer / recipient of the product.

Product shipment tracking:
The courier companies we work with have a tracking system. For each shipment, a unique tracking number is given. This number is sent to the e-mail address you stated when submitting the order along with the relevant internet link of the respective courier company. By using this tracking number and in particular by entering it in a relevant API application located in the respective DHL systems, you can be informed about the progress of the shipment of your order.

6. Complaints Management Policy
The customer acknowledges and states that in case he has any problem or is dissatisfied with the product he has purchased, with the process of processing the entire transaction, the delivery of the product or for any other issue related to the use of this website and the electronic store, will contact our company through the relevant online complaint form available at the link XXXX below and the company staff within a reasonable time will contact him to resolve or settle the issue as much as possible.

7. Privacy and Data Processing Policy
When making purchases or when using our website, our Company processes your personal data.
In particular, for the purpose of placing an order and purchasing products, you must fill in the relevant order forms, your identification details, your address, the place of delivery of the products, method of payment. To complete the order you are required to notify us via the order form the following information: Surname, First name, Address (street, number), Postal code, city, Country, email, telephone number.
It is a legal basis for processing
•the execution of the contract between us
•the legal interest of our company for the purpose of processing the order and its obligations under the contract between us
•legal obligations of the company towards tax, public, customs or other authorities

Purchase price return: In the event that our company receives the purchase price, and within the period provided by the terms of purchase the customer (ie you) withdraws from the sale, our Company has the right to process the refund process to you, to ask the respective banks to cancel the transaction and return the money to you. For this purpose, our Company needs to process your personal data which it may transmit to the above mentioned banking institutions.

Orders / Purchases : Data collected for the processing of orders (submission, processing, cancellation, withdrawal, etc.) and the purchase / sale of products are retained for as long as required by the applicable legal framework, for tax, customs obligations, and in any case up to the lapse of one month from the time of occurrence of the statute of limitations for legal claims arising from the respective transaction with our company. If any legal action / proceedings are ongoing, we will process your personal data for as long as necessary until the legal proceedings are completed irrevocably.

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal framework, in particular with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection.

In order to be informed in detail about the Privacy Policy and Data Protection of our Company you can go.

8. Terms of Acceptable Use of Website

8.1 You must refrain from any kind of behavior that may jeopardize the smooth operation of our company’s online store.
You (customer) when navigating the online store, creating an account, managing his account, placing orders must comply with the laws, these terms of use and policies adopted and implemented by our company, regulations, instructions, decisions of independent and other Authorities, codes of conduct, and generally to act in accordance with good faith and business ethics.
Any attempt (action or omission) that may lead to or aim to install viruses, or any other malicious programs on the service server, software and any action that may lead to the suspension or shutdown of our website is prohibited. , the ordering system, or problems or failures of any nature and extent.

8.2 Intellectual Property Rights
Actions that violate the property rights of our company (indicatively, industrial, intellectual property, trade names, etc.) are prohibited. Such actions violate the law and this Convention and are strictly prohibited. The logos, images, insignia, insignia, graphics, marks, trademarks that appear on this website are the property of either our company or third parties (natural or legal). Their copying, reproduction, use for any reason is prohibited. No permission is granted to reuse them in any way.

8.3 Responsibility
You are responsible for the violation of these terms that may or may not cause any kind of damage to our company, its staff, its partners, its suppliers, its customers. You acknowledge that you are liable to indemnify our company for any damages due to your deceit or negligence.

9. Amendment of this Agreement
Our company has the right to modify the terms of use and purchases of the online store, the submission of orders, the policies it implements without prior notice to the registered user / customer of our online store.
In case of change and modification to the above, the registered user is informed with a relevant message that he receives at the e-mail address he has stated during his registration on the website.

10. Applicable law/ Competent courts
This sale / purchase agreement and the terms of use of the website as well as any modification thereof are governed byGreek Law.
The courts of Athens have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve the disputes of this contract.

11. Liability Disclaimer
11.1 Our company is not responsible and does not guarantee the availability of products.
11.2 Our company provides the content of the online store in the condition it is in and exactly as it is.
11.3 Our company is not responsible for any kind of damage (indicative and not restrictive, positive, negative, direct, indirect, data loss, etc.) suffered by the user of the online store and which is proven to be causally related to the use of the company’s website either due to deceit or negligence of our company or to third parties and providers or to reasons of force majeure.
11.4 Our company is not responsible for delays in the delivery of orders and any damage resulting from them.
11.5 Our company is not responsible for problems in the operation of the online store as well as for incorrect presentation of the products, their characteristics due to force majeure or technical errors. Our company reserves the right to correct and correct standard errors and mistakes in the presentation of its products.

12. General terms

12.1 Invalidity of any term of use or part of it does not invalidate any other term or of the Contract or part thereof. The remaining terms remain in force and fully develop their legal effects.
By accepting the terms of the purchase agreement and the terms of use as well as the privacy and data protection policy, each user declares that he has become aware of them, has fully understood them and undertakes to comply with them.

Without accepting the terms of purchase and use of the website it is impossible to create the account and purchase through the online store